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The pros and cons of capital punishment

Gun control
An ongoing work-in-progress discussing the debate on gun control. No guarantees to perfect fairness, these opinions are mine and perhaps shared by millions of others. Lots of eye-opening information linked to this page. Gun Control - Pros & Cons

Invoering Euro (UK)
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Israel en Palestina
Nonpartisan Israeli and Palestinian history, maps, expert opinions, photos, news, and hundreds of pro and con comparisons of key issues. Israeli-Palestinian

Open source software
Open Options, a project of the Northwest Educational Technology Consortium, is designed to help K-12 decisionmakers and their stakeholders understand open source software. Free software like Linux and may offer advantages to schools, especially in total cost of ownership. These r...

Privatiseren is a program of Reason Public Policy Institute devoted to providing information on Privatization, Government Reform, Contracting Out, and PublicPrivate Partnerships. Database - Privatization Pros and Cons

School Uniform
School Violence Debate Poll Forum and Books School Uniform Debate and Poll

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