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PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database

DBAZine Welcome! Portal for Database Industry

DBMSMag (former)
Leverage corporate information to make your organization smarter, faster, and more profitable Intelligent Enterprise: Better Insight for Business Decisions

TPC Benchmarks
The Transaction Processing Performance Council defines transaction processing and database benchmarks and delivers trusted results to the industry. Transaction Processing Performance Council

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Technische tips
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Text search and DB
Search Tools report on Oracle Text Search and UltraSearch, which provides text retrieval and relevance ranking for database searching, and can also spider, index and search external pages. Oracle Text, Ultra Search, interMedia Search - SearchTools Report

Oracle or MsSQL? http:www.infoworld.comarticlesopxml

MsSQL constraints
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Progress OpenEdge
Progress Software Offers an Industry-Leading, End to End Approach Application Infrastructure. Progress offers technology for Application Platforms, Event Stream Processing, Services Infrastructure and Data Infrastructure. With Progress, you are powered to build your services-oriented business a...