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NspirD Dalmatians
NspirD Dalmatians

Oakdal Dalmatians
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Oakwald Dalmatians
Oakwald Dalmatians

Oldwest Dals
This website contains pictures and information about the Dalmatians of Old West breeding or ownership. Dalmatians, Old West Dalmatians. Quality show Dalmatians, performance Dalmatians, or beloved pets.

On the Spot Dalmatians

Paisley Dalmatians
This website contains pictures and information about the Paisley Dalmatians as well as information about the breed. Paisley Dalmatians. Quality show dogs, sound & trainable performance dogs, beloved pets.

Pal Dal Dalmatians
Pal Dal Dalmatians Pal Dal Home

Parhelion Dalmatians & Boykin Spaniels Parhelion Dals & Boykin Spaniels

Planett Dalmatians
This Page has been generated by VCOM Technology... Planett Dalmatian


Prancing Hearts Dalmatians
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Premier Show Dogs
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Pure Country Dalmatians
Welcome to Pure Country Dalmatians

R-DALS homepage R- DALS Home Page

Rambler Dalmatians
Rambler Dalmatians and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

RaShar Dalmatians
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Ravenwood Dalmatians
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Ravin Dalmatians
Ravin Dalmatians

Redrock Dalmatians
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Rim Rock Dalmatians
Rim Rock Dalmatians

RK's & XTerra Dalmatians
We at XTerra Dalmatians, breed quality Dalmatians, for show and performance. Our site offers lots of Dalmatian pictures, pedigrees, and some awesome links. We occasionally have puppies available to approved homes. Welcome To RK's and XTerra Dalmatians

Rockstar Dalmatians
Breeding Dalmatians for health, temperament, show and companionship.

Rose'N Dal Dalmatians
This Wisconsin Dalmatian breeder has sound advice. AKC papers don't guarantee a puppy is a quality dog. Deafness is a major problem in the Dalmatian Breed. Don't buy a dalmatian the has not been hearing tested. BAER tests aren't done everywhere. Educate yourself about any breed before buying ...

Royal Dalmatians
Hotdog Express Document Royal Dalmatians Page

SeaSpecs Dalmatians
SeaSpecs Dalmatians - Dals for Performance, Obedience, Conformation, Companions & Pets. This website contains pictures and information about the Dalmatians of breeding and ownership by Nadine Morgan, Seattle, WA. SeaSpecs Dalmatians

Signature Dalmatians
Dalmatians of the breeding or ownership of Traci Seltz, Signature Dalmatians Signature Dalmatians

Siobahn Dalmatians
Home Page of Siobahn Dalmatians Siobahn Dalmatians

Smiling Dalmatians
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Snow Hill Dalmatians
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Snowood Dalmatians
Home Page

Sommersprosse Dalmatians - de beste bron van informatie over Dalmatians. Deze website is te koop!

South Street Dalmatians

Spothaven Dalmatians
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Spots Afire Dalmatians
SpotsAfire Dalmatians

Star Seeker Dalmatians
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Starwood Dalmatians
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Stocklore Dalmatians

Stone Hill Dalmatians
Stone Hill Dalmatians Home Page

SunRunner Dalmatians
SunRunner Dalmatians: Home of quality show and obedience dogs. Welcome to SunRunner Dalmatians!

Tandava Dalmatians
Tandava Dalmatians. We select only sound, healthy and beautiful Dalmatians with stable, outgoing temperaments for our breeding program. Our dogs are AKC registered, petigreed Dalmatians BAER, OFA, Penn-HIP and CERF tested. Our Dalmatians also compete and train in conformation, obedience, agil...

TarBarr Dalmatians
TarBarr Dalmatians offers quality bred Dalmatian for conformation, temperament, and love. See pictures of our dogs, links to other Dalmatian information on the Dalmatian breed. Jacki McGovern is a worldwide recgonised Dalmatian artist. Home of TarBarr Dalmatians & Pup E Paws Notecards

Thidwick Dalmatians
Thidwick Dalmatians - Dalmatian Breeders of conformation and performance prospects and pets. Thidwick Dalmatians

TNG Dogs

Top Mark Dalmatians
My Dalmatians, dog training, dog behavior, available Dalmatians Top Mark Dalmatians

TraCin Dalmatians
TraCin Dalmatians - Quality Show Dogs & Companions. This website contains pictures and information about the Dalmatians of breeding and ownership by Travis and Cindy Taylor, Grove, OK. TraCin Dalmatians

Trinity Dalmatians
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Tuckaway Dalmatians
Tuckaway Dalmatians

Vinland Dalmatians
Vinland Dalmatians

Watseka Dalmatians
Watseka Dalmatians

Windstar Ranch
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Woodwynd Dalmatians
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Zdar Kennels
Zdar kennels, dalmatian puppies and dogs for show or pets

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