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Alfredrich Dalmatians
Alfredrich Dalmatians homepage ALFREDRICH DALMATIANS HOME PAGE

Andals Dalmatian Kennel
Andals Dalmatian Kennel of Nova Scotia Canada

Brandweer Dalmatians
Brandweer Dalmatians Warren & Juanita Spragg personal web site Brandweer Dalmatians Warren&Juanita Spragg Home Page

Brightspot Dalmatians
Brightspot Dalmatians is a breeder registered in Ontario, Canada. We are committed to breeding healthy, loving family pets and top show dogs. Brightspot Dalmatians

Centura Dalmatians
dalmatian show dog centura

Cetina Dalmatians
Cetina Dalmatians - Quality Dalmatians for show, obedience, agility, and family companions. Cetina Dalmatians

Companero Dalmatians
Companero Reg. Dalmatians Intro page

Cyndalla Dalmatian Kennel
Cyndalla Dalmatian Kennel of Ontario Canada Cyndalla Dalmatian Kennel of Ontario, Canada

Cyrka Reg'd Kennels
Cyrka Reg'd Kennelowner Kathy Fizzard

Dalalta Dalmatians
Dalalta Dalmatians Reg

Dalcyone Dalmatians
UPDATED August2002 The Dalcyone startpage with links to our Dalmatian stuff and other interests Dalcyone Dalmatians Startpage

Dutch Kennels

Jomac Registered Kennels
Jomac Reg'd Kennels

Martodal Dalmatians
Dalmatian Puppy

SJ Kennels
borzoi, sj, sj kennels, russian wolfhounds, kennels, barsoi, dalmatian, breeders, sighthounds, show, dog, pets borzoi, sj, dalmatian, breeders, russian wolfhounds, barsoi

Sky Dels Dalmatians
Sky Dels Dalmatians

Spotcheck Dalmatians
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Zara Dalmatians

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