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Adot Dalmatians
Adot Dalmatians

Bemara Dalmatians
Bemara Dalmatians Mainpage

Blairwick Dalmatians Australia

Checkerboard Dalmatians
Breeders and owners of international champion dalmatians for over thirty years. We have had over 36 champions. And we have a great website too. Checkerboard Dalmatians - Home

Craggan Dalmatians

Cristabo Dalmatians
Cristabo - Home

Dalamica Dalmatians
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Dalhaven Dalmatians
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Dalmeadow Dalmatians
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Delrei Dalmatians
Home Page

Dimadal Kennels
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Gemcourt Dalmatians
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Gentry Dalmatians
Gentry Dalmatians

Jalorca Dalmatians
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Jendally Dalmatians
Index of jendallykennels

Kirindal Dalmatians

Kronborg Dalmatians
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Krystaway Dalmatians
Website of Krystaway dalmatians. Breeders of quality show and pet dalmatians. Located on the South Coast of NSW, Australia Krystaway Dalmatians Index

Laudesan Dalmatians

Legendal Dalmatians
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Lendalbas Dalmatians
Information and pictures of dalmatians and bassets in Australia. Stories of the dogs bred and owned by Lendalbas Kennels Dalmatians and Basset hounds, pampered pooches,champions and working dogs

Lukius Dalmatians
Lukius Dalmatians - Breeder of quality puppies for showing, ObedienceAgility trials, Endurance and good companions Lukius Dalmatians

Maskadal Dalmatians

Ocnaylee Dalmatians
Ocnaylee Dalmatians About Us

Outlook Kennels
Untitled Page

Ozzispot Dalmatians
Ozzispots Home Page

Pampard Dalmatians
Best in Show winning Dalmatians past and present, photos, pedigrees and details of Pampard Kennels. Pampard Dalmatians

Pokadot Dalmatians
Untitled Document

Shartess Dalmatians
Home Page

Spotfire Dalmatians
Dalmatians Dodie and Miro,free graphics and animations. Spotfire Dalmatians

Spotofclass Dalmatians
Spotofclass Dalmatians

Swiftgait Dalmatians
One of Australia's leading Dalmatian kennels and home of Jennifer, winner of 48 Best in Shows Swiftgait Dalmatians

Trudals Dalmatians
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Whytewood Dalmatians
Untitled Page

Yarrowfell Dalmatians
Australian Dalmatians excelling in Conformation, Obedience, Tracking, Agility and Endurance. Links to every Australian Dalmatian website. Yarrowfell Dalmatians

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