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Alberto Giacometti
The Alberto Giacometti Page-- Sculpture, paintings, photos The Alberto Giacometti Page

Angel drawing
Angel drawing, devine automatic writings and automatic drawings from the spheres and the active intellect ANGEL DRAWING

Atelier Frits Dang
Atelier Frits Dang - This website gives an overview of the work of the Zwolse artist Frits Dang. Atelier Frits Dang -

Frida Kahlo
The Mexican painter Frida Kahlo in contemporary thoughts, cinema, dance, theater, exhibitions. Complete bibliography of books, catalogues, articles in periodicals, newspapers, letters. Flash movie Frida Kahlo & contemporary thoughts by Daniela Falini

Giorgio de Chirico The Leading Soup Site on the Net

Henri Rousseau
WebMuseum: Rousseau, Henri

Isidore Ducasse
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Max Ernst
Max Ernst

MC Escher
The web site to explore the great M.C. Escher artworks. Each image has commentary and a zoom mode. Online tesselation contests, reading material and secure shopping area for the 170 Escher related products, make this the best web site for M. C. Escher surfing. World of Escher - Secure Shoppi...

Remedios Varo
Remedios Varo

Robetro Matta
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Yves Tanguy
WebMuseum: Tanguy, Yves

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