de soldaten [ d-day ]

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Clinton Kwaak Memorial Site
Clinton Kwaak Memorial Site

Frank Draper jr
This wepbage describes the death of a single soldier Frank Draper, Jr. during the D-Day invasion of France by the Allies in WWII and the ramifications it had for his family. D-Day Invasion: the Death of Frank Draper, Jr.

Harry Palmer Gallery
The Navy Art Collection; D-Day, Normandy: Operation Overloard

Jim Wilkins
Jim Wilkin's Story

John Barnes
D. Day Memoirs Frameset

John G Burkhalter
A Tribute to LTC John G. Burkhalter A Tribute to LTC John G. Burkhalter

Lest They Be Forgotten
Veterans History Project, WWII Vets tell their stories of D-day, Omaha Beach, Iwo Jima and more. Veteran's History

Normandy Veterans Association
NVA activities. Pilgrimages of ww2 veterans to Normandy and Holland. Lots of photo's D-Day - NVAFriends - Normandy Veterans Association -  Normandy 1944 - Pilgrimages

Wild Bill Guarnere

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