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CC Resource Center
Welcome to the Worldwide Complementary Currency Resource Center. Complementary Currency Resource Center

Appropriate Economics
Traditional, complementary, local, alternative and community currency exchange systems in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, along with resources for starting your own system. Complementary Community Currency Systems in Asia, Africa and Latin America

Money Systems - Feasta

History of Money
History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day

Creating New Money

Ecology of Money
Contents of The Ecology of Money

Monetary history
FREE research for gold investors. FAQs : A history of money and monetary systems. Gold, silver, copper, iron, leather, paper etc. Gold : prices, facts, figures & research : A brief history of money

Private Enterprise Money
WEPIN Store - The Solution - Private Enterprise Money

cursus Thomas Greco
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New Money...
New Money for Healthy Communities, by Thomas H. Greco, Jr.