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American Armoured Foundation
The Official Tank Museum Website of American Armoured Foundation, Inc. - Tank Museum - in Danville Virginia is the largest international collection of military tank and cavalry artifacts in the world. A Tank Museum that transports you into Military History. AAF Tank Museum - American Armour...

Army Museums
Museums - Redirect

Army Museums Ogilby Trust
British army museums and records at Army Museums Ogilby Trust

National Army Museum
The National Army Museum National Army Museum

Panzermuseum Munster
WW-II Panzers and Modern Main Battle Tanks, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, Half-Tracks, plus a guide to German War Records at the National Archives, and More! - Panzermuseum News

Tank Museum United Kingdom
The Official Website of The Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset - the Worlds Largest Collection of tanks and armoured fighting vehicles. The Tank Museum - Bovington

Tankmuseum Rusland
Tank museum, Kubinka, Russia

The Patton Museum of Cavalry
The General George Patton Museum is in Fort Knox Kentucky and is an excellent educational and informational resource for students and adults to learn more about General George S. Patton Jr. and the history related to Cavalry and Armor. The Patton Museum is administered by the U.S. Army Armor Ce...

Virtual Library museums pages
An online museum directory, part of the Virtual Library, an expert-run catalog of sections of the web. The Virtual Library musuems pages (VLmp) are also supported by the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and Museophile. Museums: Virtual Library museums pages (VLmp)

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