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Antique globes&planetaria
This site sells and buys antique terrestrial, celestial globes, planetaria, telluria, orrery's and other antiques such as scientific instruments but also antique books. Gaia Globes, Globes, Planetaria, telluria, and other Antiques

First American Globes
American Treasures of the Library of Congress: Reason (First American Globes). The three globes shown here were produced by James Wilson, America's first commercial globe maker. Born in New Hampshire in 1763, he spent much of his adult life as a farmer and blacksmith in nearby Vermont. First A...

George Glazer Gallery
George Glazer Gallery, New York City. Antiques: antique terrestrial, celestial and world globes, maps, atlases, prints, photographs, art, books, library furniture, decorations, collectibles. Welcome to the George Glazer Gallery: Antique Globes, Maps, Prints and Art

Globe Museum
NB online - Globe Museum

Globes and Terrain Models
An illustrated guide to the geography and map collections in the Library of Congress Globes and Terrain Models -- Library of Congress Geography and Maps: An Illustrated Guide

Int. Coronelli Society
Die Internationale Coronelli-Gesellschaft für Globenkunde

Iris Antique Globes
We specialise in globes and related objects, as well as maps, topography, prints and globe-curiosities. On our site you'll find a selection of our constantly changing stock, so check back regularly!

Lanman Globe Collection
Lanman Globe Collection

Rare Mercator Globes
The Harvard Gazette Global Conservation

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