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Andropov has a splendid collection of antique maps and prints of all parts of the world, and a nice range of antique books and reference literature. Have a stroll through our online shop! Andropov Antique Maps & Prints - Andropov Antieke Kaarten & Prenten

Campell Map History
A tightly organized global overview of the history of cartography - its resources, activities and opportunities (spread over more than 100 pages) with leads to the collecting of early maps, and thousands of links, e.g. to map image sites and web articles Map History History of Cartography - WW...

Cultuurwijzer: cartografie
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Dit is kartografie
Dit is kartografie

For prospective collectors
Antique map collecting tips

Geometric aspects of mapping
This site provides information on Geometric Aspects of Mapping. A brief introduction is given, followed by more in-depth notes on Coordinate systems, Reference surfaces, Map projections, and Coordinate transformations. The site gives also access to a list of further readings, commonly asked q...

Glossary of terms
Glossary of Terms of old maps

History of Mapmaking
Cynthia Lanius' Lessons: Mathematics of Cartography: The History of Mapmaking

History of Maps & Cartography
History of maps and cartography

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Millennium World Maps
Religious Studies 290: The Millennium: World maps

Oddens Bookmarks

Old maps collecting
Collecting old maps

Questions and Answers
Questions & Answers on Old Maps & Sea Charts by Grace Galleries of Harpswell Maine

Wat doet een kartograaf?
Dit is Kartografie...

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