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Campell Map History
A tightly organized global overview of the history of cartography - its resources, activities and opportunities (spread over more than 100 pages) with leads to the collecting of early maps, and thousands of links, e.g. to map image sites and web articles Map History History of Cartography - WW...

Cultuurwijzer: cartografie
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Dit is kartografie
Dit is kartografie

Civitates (Braun en Hogenberg)
Civitates orbis terrarum - Braun and Hogenberg

Collectie Bodel Nijenhuis
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Early maps on the web
a comprehensive list (the only one of its kind) describing sites that have free images of early maps, arranged by theme and place, with a note on their resolution quality Images of early maps on the web

Gedigitaliseerde kaarten (UU)
Gedigitaliseerde kaarten Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht

Historic cities maps
The site contains high resolution maps and documents on the history of historic cities in Europe and in the Mediterranean Historic Cities: Maps & Documents

James Ford Bell Library
Historical Maps -- James Ford Bell Library

KNAG kaartenverzameling
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