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On this page you can find a very useful Erlang B calculator Erlang-B Calculator

Call center mathematics
A book that explains mathematics relevant to call centers to managers, consultants and researchers. Koole: Call center mathematics

Call routing
Find out how modern telephone networks use mathematics to make it possible for a person to dial a friend in another country just as easily as if they were in the same street, or to read web pages that are on a computer in another continent. Call routing in telephone networks

Erlang Profit calculator
On this page you can find a very useful Erlang-Profit calculator Erlang-Profit Calculator

ESI workforce Management
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On-line erlang calculator
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Personeelsplanning en roosterplanning software leverancier, Home Planning IT | Home

Shift scheduling (WFM)
On this page you can find a shift-scheduler Online tool for shift scheduling and workforce management WFM

Simultatie callcentermanager
Vrije Universiteit Call Center Scheduler

Symagic consultancy
Symagic. Workforce Management en Project Portfolio Management Software

Telecom traffic online
telecom traffic online contains free online tools for assisting global voice network professionals with network design and analysis. Telecom Traffic Online

WFM Online

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