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CC benchmark 2003 NL
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CC benchmark 2004 NL
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CC benchmark 2005 NL
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CC benchmark 2006 NL
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Garp: arbeidskansen in cc
Hoger opgeleiden hebben meer kansen dan ooit in de wereld van de callcenters. Your callcenter needs you

Global CC benchmark 2003
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Gratis callcenter toolbar
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Kerncijfers CC branche NL
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Klantenservice Kenniscentrum
'ISS Contact Centers Klantenservice Kenniscentrum - artikelen, nieuws en blogs over call centers, customer service, contact centers, helpdesks en web self service' ISS Klantenservice Kenniscentrum

Kwalitatieve ontwikkeling 2003
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Kwantitatief management van cc
Research on call centers by the Optimization of Business Processes research group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. OBP - Quantitative management of call centers

Subsidie bureau Callcenters
Callcenter,ESF subsidie, content, and coding. Accessibility, CSS, XHTML, scripting, server side, front and back end. Designing with web standards. OOCC Subsidie Bureau

Wat is een callcenter? biedt boeken voor en over callcenters. On-line te bestellen en veilig en snel bezorgd. Wat is een callcenter

Wikipedia: call centre
Call centre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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