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C# Programs, C# Code, C# Design, C# Tools C# Programs, C# Code, C# Design, C# Tools

C# Compiler Switches coming soon!

C# Reflection
C# Reflection and Dynamic Method Invocation by Gopalan Suresh Raj

Create typed dataset
This article shows you how to create and use a typed DataSet in a small Web application. Typed DataSets , which inherit from the DataSet class, create first-class members of a DataSet 's DataTables and DataColumns , yielding the many benefits that... HOW TO: Create and Use a Typed DataSet by Us...;EN-US;Q320714

High note in .NET
Is the C sharp threat to Java real? Has the language captured the imagination of developers yet? Is it more versatile than Java? Here’s a collection of Web sites that could answer your questions. C sharp: The high note in Dot Net

Interview MS Chief Architect
In July, O'Reilly editor John Osborn attended the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference where he conducted this interview with Anders Hejlsberg, Distinguished Engineer and Chief C# Language Architect about Microsoft's .Net framework and the C... O'Reilly -- Deep Inside C#: An Interview...

New modifiers in C#
New Modifiers in C#

Salary Survey
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Snoei's .NET blog
Snoei’s .NET blog

Tracing in C# (NL)
Nederlandse website over het Microsoft .NET Framework DevTips.NET

Why C# Dev. Earn More
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XML for C# Dev. - XML for C# Programmers - Part I

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