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ARTE Gesundheitsmagazin: Beckenbodentraining Beckenbodentraining - ARTE

Belly Dancer Breast Cancer
Belly dancers with breast cancer share their experiences. This page appears on The Art Of Middle Eastern Dance, which offers over 400 articles related to belly dancing. These include translated song lyrics, a glossary of belly dance terminology, tips and tricks, finger cymbal rhythms, Egyptian...

Belly Dancing for Older Women
Let Zaida guide you through the mystical and alluring world of belly dancing. This site is designed with the older women in mind, to show you that no-one is ever too old to start learning belly dancing. Belly Dancing for Older Women

Belly Good For Your Health!
Article ...It's Belly Good for Your Health

Bellydance as Healing Dance
We invite you to tell us your stories of healing and bellydance. Lorraine Lafata, bellydancer and licensed therapist (M.S. W., L. I. C. S. W.) will facilitate an interactive monthly column here devoted to this subject. Belly Dancing As Healing Dance: Inspiration

Breast Cancer Survey
Belly Dancer Survey

Buikdansfitness met Astrid
Buikdansfitness is een holistische trainingsvorm voor lenigheid spierkracht en ontspanning buikdansfitness met Astrid

Creating Inner Peace
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Dance your way to health!
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Dancing For Health
Dear Alice, I was just wondering if you could tell me some of the benefits of dancing to your wellness? Could you send me some places to get information about dancing benefits? Go Ask Alice!: Dancing for health

Dancing Makes Depression-free
adry writes of depression relief for the Gilded Serpent

Danse Orientale, Healing Dance
Tahya Healing Dance program ~ a therapeutic, alternative, complementary, holistic and natural pathway to recovery from surgery and restoring wellness. Women's Wellness: Healing Dance ~ Tahya Technique(tm)

Der Ruf der Großmutter
FOCUS • Artikel • Al-Rawi

Der Tanz des Bauches
FOCUS • Artikel • Al-Rawi

Der tanzende Beckenboden
Zürichs grösste Bauchtanzschule (orientalischer Tanz) bietet Tanzkurse und -workshops in Zürich, Bern, Glattbrugg, Luzern und Bülach für Anfängerinnen bis Fortgeschrittene an. Bauchtanz orientalischer Tanz in Zürich, Bern, Luzern, Glattbrugg, Bülach: Unterricht, K...

Dunya Dancemeditation
A form of dance meditation developed by Dunya with training opportunities and writings. Dervish Society of America - home

Fit and Healthy
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Fitness Articles by Rania
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Fitness for Beginners Videos
Get in shape with Neena & Veena with their Bellydance workout series. Your body will thank you for it! - Get Fit, Get In Shape & Have Fun With The 'Bellydance Fitness for Beginners Video Series - African American Culture is a personally written site at BellaOnline Get Fit, Get In Shape & Have ...

Fitnessen zonder moe te worden
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Fruchtbarkeit und Fitness

Gesundheitliches Wohlbefinden
Bauchtanz im Ciao Preisvergleich unter Tänze. Lesen Sie 27 Testberichte zu Bauchtanz und machen Sie ein Schnäppchen. Bauchtanz - Erfahrungsbericht - Frauentanz für gesundheitliches Wohlbefinden

Goddess Workout Video & DVD
Video & DVDs

Goed voor lichaam en geest
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Health Benefits of Belly Dance
All about the vast range of benefits of our energetic and celebratory style of belly dance Health Benefits of Belly Dance

Lady Barbara & Lyme Disease
Lyme Index

Middle Eastern Dance & Healing
Spiritdancer Index

Reiki for Dancers
Reiki for Dancers

Belly Dancing for Older Women - Health

Swivel your way to fitness
In Asia, it is a dance to usher in a new birth. In Turkey, it is considered a folk dance. In a small studio in West Los Angeles brimming with women of all ages, belly dancing is a unique way to get in shape. - Belly dancing: Swivel your way to fitness - Jun. 13, 2003

Tanz und Gesundheit
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The Goddess is Dancing
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The Healing Power of Dance
Dance Therapy by Sharifa for the Gilded Serpent

The Power of Bellydance
Anthea's articles on studying and performing bellydance Bellydance by Anthea (aka Kawakib, Atesh) articles on dance

Whole Life Resources
Whole Life Resources

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