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Aida Noor
It's all about...Oriental Dance Welcome to Aida Nour Oriental Dancer

Al-Ahram Weekly Feature 2000
Features page Al-Ahram Weekly | Features

Arabic Stars
Belly Dance information about Arizona events, Arabic stars, Costume, Makeup and performance tips, benefits of dance and more The Kids

Bassem Faghaly parody on Dina
a parody on Dina = very funny :) and he is a guy not a woman by the way YouTube - Bassem Faghaly parody on Dina

Belly Dance Stars
Belly dancing, that ancient, much-misunderstood Arab art form, might not earn a G rating, but to many people's surprise it rates much more than an X. Saudi Aramco World : La Danse du Ventre

Belly dancer shocks Egyptians
Learn about belly dance, Middle Eastern folk dance, and the dances performed by Desert Moon Dance Academy of St. Louis, Missouri. Preservation of belly dance history.

Diana Tarkhan
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Home Page

Egyptian belly dance 'in crisis'
A former belly dancing diva in Egypt calls for the establishment of an academy to preserve the unique art. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Egyptian belly dance 'in crisis'

Egyptian Travels after 9/11
Egyptian Travels after 911

Farida Fahmi & Reda Troupe
In A Heart in the Junkyard, the Rida Troupe's latest work at the Balloon Theatre, Nehad Selaiha finds faint reminders of former glories Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture Page | Dancing into the twilight

Foreign moves
Seductive and expressive, Egyptian belly dancing is imitated across the world, but can foreign dancers ever make a serious impact here? Mukul Devichand looks at how a small number of intrepid foreigners are carving out a niche in the most Egyptian of arts Al-Ahram Weekly | Features | Foreign moves

Hossam Ramzy & Serena
The best site for Egyptian & Middle Eastern Dance Music & Videos |   Hossam Ramzy - Official Site | Egyptian Bellydance Music, DVDs & Videos by Hossam Ramzy

Keti Sharif
Keti Sharif's Bellydance Site

Khairiyya Mazin
Edwina Nearing for the Gilded Serpent


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Belly Dance Workshop Bauchtanz Online Marta the Legend learn to bellydance course. how to belly dance cd book, raks sharki, egyptian dance, turkish dance Marta, belly dance workshop, belly dancer, costume designer, teacher Dubai, Cairo, Istanbul, Marta the Legend TM

Nadia Hamdi
Welcome to Morocco's Meanderings

Nagwa Fouad
A few minutes of fame were better than a lifetime in the wings. But she got more Al-Ahram Weekly | Nagwa Fuad Hours of glory

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Party's over
With foreign belly dancers banned from performing in Egypt, the industry struggles to meet the demand, Reem Nafie reports Al-Ahram Weekly | LIVING | Party's over

Prof. Dr. Hassan Khalil
Wir zeigen Ihnen die fremde, faszinierende Welt des Orients. Orientalischer Tanz in Musik, Rhythmus und Bewegung.  Prof. Dr. Hassan Khalil - ISOC - CairoEgypt

Raqia Hassan
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Samia Gamal
Samia Gamal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Samia Gamal at
Middle Eastern movieposters and Egyptian film history: Samia Gamaal Samya Gamaal - the queen of raqs sharki

Sheikh Salem House
Belly Dance Holiday, Belly Dance Workshop, Learn to belly Dance Holiday, Belly Dance Holiday Dahab, Sheikh Salem House Belly Dance Holiday Information

Tahia Carioca
THE DEATH of Tahia Carioca, at the age of 80, on Monday afternoon, marks the end not only of an astonishingly multi-faceted contribution to Egyptian and Arab life, but also of an entire cultural era, and of a kind of female public figure unlikely to ever emerge again. Al-Ahram Weekly | Culture ...

Tahiyya Karioka
The Arab world's most famous dancer, Tahiyya Karioka, is buried in Cairo. BBC News | Middle East | Farewell to Egypt's Queen of Dance

The Decline of Belly Dancing
The Decline of Belly Dancing in Egypt. 29 apr. 2006, from Nomads Land Films. The Decline of Belly Dancing in Egypt

Tummy trouble in Cairo
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When in Cairo... belly dance
When in Cairo... belly dance by Anthony Sattin| Travel Reviews from Travel Intelligence

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