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Bushman Music Forums

Harmonica club
An online Harmonica Club providing songs, tab, lessons and notation. Learn to play harmonica blues harp (bluesharp)- lessons, instruction, tips. Download songs, riffs, sounds, and instruction. - Learn how to play Harmonica, Free Harmonica Tab, Lessons, Blues Harp Tabs, Free S...

Harmonica meetup
Meet other local harmonica enthusiasts to teach, learn, and jam! Harmonica Players, Harmonica Meetups, events, clubs and groups in your area

Harmonicaboogie Online Jam
Learn to play harmonica with free backing tracks and lots of online inspiration from others --blues harp,jazz harp, chromatic harmonica, beginners and experienced. Harmonica Boogie .com - Harmonica backing tracks, free online jam, tips from experienced players, harmonika music and songs, and ...

Harp-L Info Page

harptalk: HarpTalk - Harmonica Discussion Group harptalk : HarpTalk - Harmonica Discussion Group

International giglist
BassHarp's International Giglist

SlideMeister, is a Chromatic specific site designed around the chromatic harmonica and chromatic harmonica players. SlideMeisterForums, Slidemeister's new discussion forum group providing lively conversation on a membership basis. Photo, music & video exchange of like minded me...

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