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Charlie Musselwhite
The Official Website of Charlie Musslewhite. The Official Website of CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE

Mátyás Pribojszki
Mátyás Pribojszki a most amazing world-class jazzblues harmonica player and singer from Hungary, Europe. Mátyás plays with his high energy and mesmerizing jazzy quartet. Audio and video clips also available on this official website. Mátyás Pribojszki: the Hungarian harmonica wizard Mátyás Pribo...

PT Gazell
A Site devoted to the music of PT Gazell, including CDs, Biography, Events Calender and music samples. A site rich in PT Gazell harmonica info. Home

R.J. Mischo
R.J. Mischo's Web site for all things Blues RJ Mischo BLUES...

Richard Hunter
Best site on the Web for beginner and pro harmonica (harp) players and fans. Record, performance, and gear reviews. How-tos: Playing diatonic and chromatic harmonica, maintaining and upgrading harmonicas, gear for performing on stage and in the studio, and links to other great harmonica sit...

Robson Fernandes
:: Robson Fernandes Blues Band

Sunny girl
Sunny Girl's latest CD is an exciting mixture Blues, R&B, Funk, and Country. She's played with blues greats like James Cotton. This young prodigy from the Detroit area has been playing the Blues harmonica since she was four., Benefit Concert to "Resurrect" the 7th, 8th, 9th grade ...

Larry Addler
The Classical Free-Reed, Inc.: Larry Adler Tribute

Toots Thielmans
me=description Toots Thielemans,official website Jean Toots Thielemans : Official Website

Wim Dijkgraaf
Wim Dijkgraaf, Harmonica Wim Dijkgraaf