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avebe, starch, potato, tapioca, cassave, derivatives, r&d, research, development, innovation, sustainability, zetmeel, derivaten, innovatie, duurzaamheid, stärke, amidon AVEBE GROUP

Cargill Home

Cellscreen The Leading Cellular Phones Site on the Net

CropDesign is an agricultural biotech company delivering agronomic traits for the global commercial seed markets. The company's trait discovery and development program focuses on enhancing grain yield in corn and rice. Cropdesign: General Information

Genetwister Technologies B.V.

Greenomics, Ultra high throughput DNA sequencing, bioinformatics, genomics, genotyping, single readings, EST sequencing, BAC sequencing, whole-genome sequencing, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), markers analyses, microsatellites Greenomics

Groen Agro Control
Het Laboratorium voor de hele keten. Analyses en advies op maat voor vermeerderaar, kweker, teler, toeleverancier en levensmiddelproducent. Groen Agro Control – laboratoriumonderzoek, praktijkonderzoek en advies

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Keygene is a private cooperation that provides genetic and genomic research. Keygene works for leading vegetable and animal breeders, universities, hospitals and the fermentation and food industry. welcome

Monsanto is an agricultural company. Farmers around the world use our innovative products to address on-farm challenges and reduce agriculture's overall impact on our environment. The Monsanto company works for the world's food producers, delivering products and solutions to help them reach the...

Pioneer Hi-Bred
Pioneer is the world's leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics to farmers worldwide. We seek to increase customer productivity, profitability and develop sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere. Innovative and customer-focused, Pioneer is a leader in the agricul...

Wageningen UR - Wageningen Universiteit - BSc Plantenwetenschappen

Syngenta Home page

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