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Benchmarking Reports: Reports, Books and Research from Best Practices, LLC

BSC Collaborative
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Cranfield University
Centre for Business Performance

DoD Performance Assessment
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Balanced Scorecard - The Benchmarking Network leads Benchmarking studies worldwide, provides balanced scorecard measures and metrics, training in benchmarking, research and implementation in support of improvement and reengineering efforts in response to benchmarking study. ebalancedscorecard™

Foundation PM
Foundation for Performance Measurement Home Page

Int journal PM

Perf Group
The Performance-Based Management Special Interest Group: Dedicated to facilitating, promoting, and advancing the use of performance-based management in the U.S. Department of Energy. Performance-Based Management Special Interest Group Home Page

The BSC Institute
Provides training, consulting and guidance on the balanced scorecard for strategic transformation of government and business. The Balanced Scorecard Institute

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