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Bedreigingen - Engelstalige info
The Bahá'ís: The Growing Threat to Iran's Bahá'ís

Bericht van Regering VS
Bahá'í World News Service - Bahá'í International Community - White House spokesman expresses President's concern over worsening situation of the Baha'is in Iran

Historisch perspectief
The Bahá’í Question - Cultural Cleansing in Iran The Bahá’í Question - Cultural Cleansing in Iran

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Ruth Gledhill writes about the religious issues of the day. Subscribe to a feed of this Times Online blog at http:timescolumns.typepad.comgledhillrss.xml Ruth Gledhill - Times Online - WBLG

Recente vervolgingen
The Baha'is: Persecution

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An analysis of Iran’s Campaign to Deny Higher Education to Bahá’ís Closed Doors - Chapter I

Vervolgingen in Iran (NL)
Vervolging van bahá’ís

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