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Advanced Backup
Advanced Backup is a handy tray tool that lets you easily backup your documents and folders. Safely protects you from accidental deletes, overwrites, and viruses. Backup copies are stored in Zip files and can be created both manually and automatically using the schedule. Advanced Backup. Downlo...

APBackup is an automatic backup tool that allows you to back up your data to local or network drives, FTP or LAN. The backup files can be stored uncompressed or in standard Zip format, with additional support for other compression formats (using plug-ins). AVPSoft: APBackup - Hom...

Argentum Backup
Argentum Backup Download. A handy backup software to easily back up your documents and folders. The easiest and fastest way to backup your data. Backups are stored in Zip files. For Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and 2003. Argentum Backup. Backup software to back up your documents ...

Auto Backup Software
Auto Backup Software Auto Backup Software - Han-soft


Back4Win and Back4winXP Backup Software by Alistair George Manufacturing Back4win backup software

BackRex: User profile, settings and customizations backup and migration tools for windows, office, outlook and other programs. Backup Settings, Profile and Customizations - BackRex Software

Backup Plus
Backup Plus allows you to easily backup your important data. Features include the ability to backup to just about any device, FTP backups and timed backup operations. This award winning product is all you need to keep your important data safe! AVANTRIX Inc - Backup Plus

Backup Wolf Backup Software - The Surgical Backup Software System (TM). The fastest easiest way to backup your critical files. Updates old backups in seconds! 30 Day Free Trial. Backup Software :: Back up Software :: Back-up Software

Cobian Backup
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Compare & Backup
Backup software for directory synchronization Backup Software - Compare & Backup, Everyday Auto Backup

Handy Backup
Backup plan en Handy Backup beschermen uw kostbare data tegen dataverlies back up backupserver server data verlies CD-RW FTP LAN Backup plan en Handy Backup beschermen uw kostbare data tegen dataverlies back up backupserver server data verlies CD-RW FTP LAN

Iomega Automatic Backup
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MicroBackup2006 - the world's fast and easy backup tool for compressed remote backups brought to you by SadhuSystems MicroBackup2006

Network Favorites
Emco Photo Reziser is an image processing tool, that offers simple image resizing, as well as various other features, including watermarking (text or image overlay). EMCO Photo Resizer - Resize your photos now from a simple functions

Retrospect Professional
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Sadhu BackupSystems
Euronet Internet BV

Second Copy 2000
Second Copy® is the perfect backup product designed for Microsoft Windows you have been looking for. It makes a backup of your data files to another directory, disk or computer across the network. It then monitors the source files and keeps the backup updated with new or changed files. ..:: Sec...

Fastest, easiest-to-use backup and disaster recovery software provides complete protection for your business systems. UltraBac Backup and Disaster Recovery Software

Windows Live OneCare
Windows Live OneCare

WinDriversBackup - DriverGuide Toolkit

Zip Backup to CD
Zip Backup to CD is a data backup software that distributes files to stand alone Zip files fitting a CD-R. Complete system restore of Win9x & ME Data backup software using zip files, Zip Backup to CD

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