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Backgammon Bibliography
Backgammon portal bibliography Backgammon Portal

BG Bestplayers
Backgammon For the Best Online Backgammon Players

Crazy Heart's
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Doubling Strategy
Peter Max Friis Jensen's Backgammon-page. M@xFriis' Doubling Home-page

Hugh SconyersÂ’ Bearoff
Hugh Sconyers' CD-ROMs

Kezan Design

Lucky Backgammon
We've got only the best in online backgammon guides, with all the top strategies, winning tips and tricks, and great offers too. Play Online Backgammon Using the Ultimate Online Backgammon Guides

Monte Carlo Evaluation
a free computer backgammon program Monte Carlo Backgammon

My Backgammon Articles
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Peycheva's BG school
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Printlet's Backgammon
A site that teaches you what Backgammon is all about, and how to play the game Backgammon for Beginners Level basic

Rec.BG Rollout Archive
The Rollout Archive

Sho's Backgammon pages
Sho's Backgammon pages

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