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Babyboomer women on the web
Websites designed by women from all over the world! This is a webring formed to unite women on the internet who wish to extend friendship, comfort and support, one woman to another, in both our person Phenomenal Women

Boomers International
baby boomer, 01A Baby Boomers Fun Web Site, Social, History, Time line, Hippies Baby Boomer Homepage, Boomers International - World Wide Community for the Baby Boomer Generation

International Association
IABB Plus is an association for Baby Boomers and their children...organized to maximize the collective influence of over 148 million members. International Association of Baby Boomers Plus

The Babyboomer Cafe
Babyboomer Cafe

The boomer initiative
The Boomer Initiative - also known as American Association of Baby Boomers - an organization dedicated to those born between 1946 and 1964 The Boomer Initiative (also known as American Association of Baby Boomers)

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