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Alison Jolly
The University of Winchester has a well-established reputation in the humanities, arts, social sciences, performing arts, business and primary education. We are constantly updating our programmes and introducing new courses to meet the needs of tomorrow's employers. Dr. Alison Jolly - The Uni...

Biruté Galdikas
Neil's web site on orangutans and their plight. Orangtans in Borneo 2000 - Birute Galdikas

Charlotte Uhlenbroek
Biography of Dr Charlotte Uhlenbroek. Find out how she spent her early years in Kathmandu before going on to study primates and finally to presenting natural history tv programmes. BBC - Science & Nature - Charlotte Uhlenbroek

Dorothy Cheney & Robert Seyfarth
Untitled Document

Frans de Waal
Our Inner Ape

Hilde Vervaecke
Vervaecke, Hilde

Jane Goodall
Jane Goodall Nederland - Jouw inzet telt!

Linda Marie Fedigan
Linda Marie Fedigan

Marc van Roosmalen
TIME,TIME magazine,,TIME WARNER, TIME Inc.,environment,heroes,planet,fresh water,earth Heroes for the Planet, 030600 -- Marc van Roosmalen,2967,roos

Otto Adang
is like going back in time and catching a glimpse of our ancestry. Info on chimpanzees and research on the Arnhem Zoo chimpanzee colony (the Netherlands) Looking at chimpanzees ....

Richard W. Wrangham
kanyawara chimp blog @ harvard anthropology

Robin Dunbar
Research Group - Robin Dunbar

Roger Fouts
Looking for Something? - Earthwatch Institute - United States

Sarah Blaffer Hrdy
Sarah B. Hrdy, Front Page

Shirley C. Strum
Geen beschrijving aanwezig.

World Primatologist Directory
International Directory of Primatology

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