er worden nog steeds nieuwe soorten ontdekt [ aap ]

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3 nieuwe lemuren ontdekt
Op het eiland Madagaskar zijn drie nieuwe soorten lemuren ontdekt. Planet - Nieuwe halfapen ontdekt op Madagaskar

Callicebus bernhardi
Two new primates&#151;house-cat-size, exotically sideburned Titi monkeys of the genus <I>Callicebus<I>&#151;have been discovered in the vast rain forests of Central and South Central Amazonia. The new species not only enhance our understanding of primates but also indicate t...

Callicebus stephennashi
This is a news story brought to you by and the National Geographic Society. Two New Primate Species Discovered

Lophocebus kipunji
Africa's first online science magazine Photos reveal new primate species

Macaca munzala
In het noordoosten van India hebben wetenschappers een nieuwe apensoort ontdekt: de Arunachal-makaak. Planet - Nieuwe apensoort ontdekt

Microcebus lehilahytsara
Where facts, science, reason and rationality meets religion. With weather and commentary by Michael Hess and Kandy Ringer, 1990-2007. BBSNews - New Madagascar Lemurs Found

Mirza zaza
Two tiny lemur species discovered in Madagascar

Species Described Since 1990
Primate Info Net: Species and Subspecies of Primates Described Since 1990

Two new species of lemurs
Discovery of two new species of lemurs announced

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