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Bossou and Nimba

Dier van de maand: De Chimpansee

Chimpanzees in Research
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Welcome to ChimpanZoo

Chimps R Us
PBS - Scientific American Frontiers:Chimps R Us:Watch Online

Creature Feature Chimpanzees
Kids overview of chimpanzees, with photographs, video, audio, fun facts, an email postcard, and links to other animals. Chimpanzees: Photos, Video, Facts, E-card, Map -- National Geographic Kids

Discover Chimpanzees
U of M: College of Biological Sciences: Center for Primate Studies - Jane Goodall Institute

Gedrag van de chimpansee
Gedrag van de chimpansee Pan troglodytes

Ham the Chimp Astronaut
Ham was one of the chimps specially trained by rocket scientists to fly in tests of American space capsules. On January 31, 1961, Ham blasted off from Cape Canaveral and travelled 157 miles in a Who2 Profile: Ham the Chimp

Medicinal use of plants
C.H.I.M.P.P. Homepage

Meet the Chimps
Meet the Chimps of Gombe Animal Planet :: Jane Goodall :: Meet th Chimps

Project Primate Inc.
Project Primate Inc funds and supports the Centre de Conservation Pour Chimpanzes in Guinea, West Africa. CCC is a sanctuary caring for the needs of chimpanzees who have suffered under poaching and the bushmeat trade; logging and environmental degredation; and the illegal pet trade. Project Pri...

The World of Chimpanzees
The World of Chimpanzees

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