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All About Apes
Zoom Apes is devoted to apes, ape evolution, language and communication, orangutan communication, primate behavior, ape stamps, etc. Zoom Apes - Enchanted Learning Software

All Factsheets on the Web
Primate Factsheets

Animal Bytes Primates
Error - SeaWorldBusch Gardens ANIMALS

Animal Diversity Web
ADW: Primates: Information

Animals A to Zoo
Animals A to Zoo puts interactive, photo and video content for all your favorite animals in one place. Animal Planet :: Animals A to Zoo

ARKive Endangered Mammals
ARKive - Images of life on Earth. A new digital library of photographs, film clips and accompanying information about endangered species, created by Wildscreen.List of Mammals in the Globally Endangered Chapter - All - sorted by common name Mammals - Globally Endangered Chapter - All - sorted ...

BBC Wildfacts: Primates
BBC - Nature - Wildfacts

Die Systematik der Herrentiere
Merkmale der Herrentiere - Primates (Bestimmungsübungen an Voegeln und Saeugern). Mammalia: Herrentiere - Primates

Family of Primates
Primates family

Great apes & other primates
The National Zoo is home to 16 species of primates that live in seven different areas of the zoo. Brought to you by the National Zoo| FONZ. Great Apes and Other Primates - National Zoo| FONZ

Monkey Planet
Special interest page on monkeys and apes Monkey Planet

NG Wildlife Museum
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Physical Anthropology Tutorials
Physical Anthropology Tutorials Menu

Primate Factsheets
A listing of all of the primates with information on their behavior. Primate Factsheets - Monkey Information

Primate Info Net
Primate Info Net

Primate Movies & Sounds
Links to Primate Video Clips and Primate Movies at Animal Audio, Video, Pictures, Posters, T-Shirts, and more ... Primate Movies

Primate Taxonomy
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Alles über Primaten - Affen, unsere tierischen Verwandten

The Leakey Foundation
The mission of the Leakey Foundation is to increase scientific knowledge and public understanding of human origins and evolution. The Leakey Foundation

Zoo Zürich Factsheets
Der Zoo - ein Kulturinstitut Zürichs Zoo Zürich - Tiere

Zoology Primates Main Menu
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