wederopbouw [ 911 ]

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Daniel Libeskind
R.A.M -> Afleveringen -> R.A.M Special: Daniel Libeskind

Memorial for the WTC
World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition

Ontwerpen herbouw WTC
Team Twin Towers | home

Rebuild Ground Zero
Balancing competing goals for redevelopment and a victims' memorial, six preliminary plans for rebuilding the grounds of the World Trade Center and its adjacent areas were unveiled Tuesday. - Six options offered to rebuild Ground Zero - July 20, 2002

Rebuilding Manhattan
Rebuilding Manhattan | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited,5860,771903,00.html

WTC Memorial
The architect of the winning memorial design for the World Trade Center presented his vision yesterday, unveiling a tree-studded plaza with two reflecting pools above subterranean corridors that would house artifacts and victims' remains in alcoves set aside as shrines. Refined WTC Memorial --...,0,2465345.story?coll=

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